Greg Byler

Greg is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Pit Stop Consulting.  He entered the fast lube/car wash industries in 1986. With 25+ years experience in the fast lube/car wash industries he has worked with large chains, single store operators and everything in between.

In 1999 Greg created Pit Stop Consulting. It quickly became a leading training and consulting firm in the industry. The car wash/fast lube industry had consulting companies, but no one could successfully and consistently produce such dramatic results as Pit Stop Consulting was able to generate.

Pit Stop Consulting is headquartered in Springfield, MO where it serves clients worldwide. Though the majority of clients are within the contiguous United States some are as far away as Canada, Italy and Australia.

Pit Stop Consulting has worked with automobile manufacturers, large car wash and fast lube chains, franchises, branded and unbranded stores as well as the independent single store operators. Pit Stop has had extraordinary success working with automotive dealers wanting to add car washes and fast lubes.

An international speaker at car wash and fast lube events worldwide including the Automotive Oil Change Associations (AOCA) convention and expo, Oil-Non-Oil, The International Car Wash Associations (ICA) Car Care World Expo . He has had regular columns in carwash / fast lube industry magazines and is regularly called to comment on industry trends.

Through Pit Stop’s unique approach and delivery, results are seen immediately. Results are sustained through the structured nature of the training. All training and consulting jobs are pledged with a 100% money back guarantee for all clients.

Greg currently owns/operates Blue Iguana Car Wash

Mike Matthews

Mike is the Director of Training at Pit Stop Consulting. Mike brings over 25 years of experience; having started out in the quick lube industry in 1988 as owner/operator of an independent quick lube, Mike and his father grew the chain to 3 locations before selling to a national lube chain.  In late 1999, he built his first car wash. 

Since that time, Mike has put his operational expertise to work as a consultant and trainer for the Car Wash Institute, the Fast Lube Institute, and MPowerWash. 

Mike’s former clients include national quick lube chains, national and regional car wash chains, car dealerships (Mercedes Benz, GM, Cadillac, Toyota) and single, independent car wash and quick lube operators.

In addition to his current work at Pit Stop Consulting, Mike also owns and operates car washes in the Carolinas and Kentucky.

He can be reached at

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