Existing sites

  •      Give you as an owner a critical and professional look from a customer’s perspective.
  •      Appraise sales and production techniques.
  •      Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a particular operation.
  •      Identify each sites needs and a solid solution for effecting a change.

New sites

  •      The best possible investment you can make is a professional site evaluation.
  •      The biggest decision you will make is choosing the location of your business.
  •      Assess the sites potential for a car wash, fast lube or any other possible profit centers.
  •      Minimize risk (including competitive threat analysis, long term ground lease vs. fee ownership etc). Maximize the possibilities of a proposed site including alternate profit centers and Plan B Strategies .
  •      Ascertain best and highest use for the site.
  •      Assist you with possible site layouts.
  •      Preliminary zoning code review.
  •      Due diligence essentials.